AMS-2750E standard Pit Vacuum Furnace

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AMS-2750E standard Pit VacuumFurnace, Horizontal Integral Quench Vacuum, and Front Load Horizontal VacuumFurnace are built with durability and efficiency in mind. Each vacuum furnaceis designed for your specific heat treating application, including a variety oftemperature and vacuum controls to choose from. Electrically heatedfront-loading, top loading and integral quench vacuum furnaces are commonlyused for processes such as brazing, annealing, carburizing, normalizing,hardening, and sintering. Temperatures can range up to 2400°F. Bogie hearthfurnaces Box furnaces Bell furnaces Rotary hearth furnacesAMS-2750E industrial furnaceHeat Treatment Furnace Gas Furnace Mesh Belt Furnace Bogie Hearth FurnaceQuenchFurnace Atmosphere Furnace Pit Type Furnace Tempering Furnace Chamber FurnaceSinteringFurnace Bell Furnace Melting Furnace Annealing FurnaceIndustrial Ovens QuenchtankAMS 2750E Rotary Furnace bathfurnace Tags electric furnaceHeat Treatment industrial furnace resistancewireresistance furnace Trolley furnace gas furnace trolley PrecautionsTrolleygas furnace use Bogie Hearth Furnace Furnace Accessories Control InstrumentsElectric Heating Elements Heat-resistant Steel Refractory Insulation ProtectiveAtmosphere Conveyor Transmission Combustion                      SealedQuench Furnaces, Rotary Hearth Furnace, ISO Thermal Annealing Furnaces,Nitempering Furnace, Pusher Furnace Baking Furnace, Horizontal ConveyorFurnace, Industrial Furnace Roller Hearth Furnace, AMS 2750E Annealing Bluing Line,Tempering Furnaces, Ball Valve Series, Graphite Rope, Sealed Quench Furnaces,LG Plc Panels, Pid Controllers, A.c. Drives, Electropneumatic Seal Kits,Furnace Spare Parts, Temperature Controllers, Thermo Couple, Oxygen Probe,Heaters, Cp Controllers, Plc Control Panels, Pneumatic Control Valves,Insulatio Induction Sintering Machine, Induction Annealing Machine, Hand heldInduction Heater, Heat Treatment Magnetic Induction Heating System, Hot SaleFast Heating Bolt Forging Induction Heating Forging Machine, PLC ControlInduction Heating Quenching Machine, Induction Hardening Machine, InductionMelting Furnace, Steel Bar Billet Induction Hot Forging Vacuum Heat Treatment Annealing Brazing CastingDegassing Cleaning Diffusion Bonding Heat Treating Plasma Carburizing SinteringInternal Quench Furnaces                    Ahorizontal front loading, internal quench, vacuum heat treating and brazingfurnace generally designed for high production commercial and captive heattreating shops. It is a high temperature, high vacuum, batch type furnace withelectric resistance heating elements. Available as 10-bar or 20-bar variants. InternalQuench Furnaces External Quench FurnacesA horizontal front loading, externalquench, vacuum heat treating and brazing furnace generally designed for highproduction commercial and captive heat treating shops. It is a hightemperature, high vacuum, batch type furnace with electric resistance heatingelements. External Quench Furnaces Car Bottom Furnaces A horizontal, carbottom, vacuum heat treating furnace specifically designed for large, heavyloads. It is a high temperature, high vacuum batch furnace with electricresistance heating elements both in the circular hot zone and the full lengthof the car bottoms. Car Bottom Furnaces Vertical Bottom Loading External QuenchFurnaces Vertical bottom loading, external quench, vacuum heat treating andbrazing furnaces generally designed for high production commercial, aerospace,and captive heat treating shops. They are high temperature, high vacuum,batch-type furnaces with electric resistance heating elements. Vertical BottomLoading External Quench Furnaces Compact Furnaces - "The Mentor™"                             We also offer ahorizontal front loading compact vacuum heat treating and brazing furnace,"The Mentor™", generally designed and developed to accommodate smallto mid-size furnace loads in an efficient and economic manner. It is a hightemperature, high vacuum, batch-type furnace with electrical resistance heatingelements. The furnace is mounted on a single, portable platform for easy shipmentand maneuverability. Compact Furnaces - The Mentor Lab Furnaces A vertical,top-loading vacuum heat treating and brazing furnace generally designed forresearch and development applications in laboratory and university settings. Itis a high temperature, high vacuum, batch type furnace with electric resistanceheating elements. Lab Furnaces Carburizing Furnaces A horizontal front loading,internal quench, vacuum carburizing furnace generally designed for highproduction commercial and captive heat treating shops. It is a high-temperature, batch type, vacuum carburizing, furnace with electric resistanceheating elements. Carburizing Furnaces Nitriding Furnaces A horizontal frontloading vacuum gas nitriding furnace with electrical resistance heatingelements designed for commercial and captive heat treating shops. It is avacuum, batch type furnace.www uterna com  EUROPE