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OnlyAERE Type approved X-ray equipment shall lie installed /used.

AEREregistration certificate shall be displayed at prominent place near the X-rayroom for public  information.

QualityAssurance tests of the X-ray equipment is carried out periodically and afterany maintenance and the records thereof are maintained.

Sufficientnumber of lead aprons (0.25 mm lead equivalent) is available for use with fixedand mobile X-ray equipment.

Leadaprons shall be stored either on a hanger or on a flat surface withoutcrumpling.

Consistencyof lead aprons shall be checked once in two years. Qualitative check can bedone by taking radiograph of lead aprons.

Theoperators are instructed on all the requirements of radiation safety.

Chartsof standard exposure parameters to achieve good image quality should beprepared for pediatric and adult patients separately and displayed at aprominent location such as control console.

TLSJudges are provided to all the operators and workers involved during X-rayexamination.

Suringnon-working hours, TLS cards must lie stored along with Control TLS card outsidethe X-ray room (in a radiation free area).

Theowner shall ensure that the operator of the X-ray equipment is well conversantwith clinical requirements of the examinations. Chest stand should always beprovided with X- ray equipment for chest radiography.

Routinemaintenance of the Radiography equipment is carried out. Particularly, itshould be ensured that the field light (collimator bulb) is always functional.

Radiationsymbol and warning placards in local languages are placed outside the X-ray roomdoor

Thechest stand and the control console should always be placed opposite to eachother. If this is not possible, at least a partition wall with viewing windowshould be made between the control console and the chest stand.

Permanentoccupancy of staff behind the chest stand wall (for e.g. Sectors, Receptionistsor helpers) should be avoided.


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