Scuba Diving at Charna Island

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Scuba diving is an adventure for the underwater swimmers. They usually have a gas cylinder through which breathing is possible under water. The cylinder consists of compressed air which is of high-pressure and is supplied to the divers through an attached regulator.

On a professional level, scuba diving is done if it is related to the scientific research, military purposes or in-case of emergency i.e. people drowning. The supplies and the equipment served to the divers of private enterprises is done through the surface when it is applicable.

There are many people who are certified or non-certified divers in Karachi. Scuba diving was introduced for those people so that they can train plus experience the charms of the Karachi underwater diving. Tidy beaches, exquisite sand and crystal clean water of Pakistan are the reason of attraction for most of the outsiders and fanatics. The deep water in Pakistan has a treasure of different marine species.

The best time for scuba diving in Karachi is the season of winter which is usually from November to February. The average temperature in winter season is generally around 13-32 Centigrade/ 55-85 Ferenhite. The visibility rate underwater is 35 meters or 100 feets courtesy of tidy water.

Divers Culb is giving an opportunity to experience the wonders under the water of Karachi and all over Pakistan, for the residing as well as families from abroad at reasonable rates. A great chance for the companies who call upon the people from abroad. They can be entertained also by our professional and skilled divers.

Scuba Diving Trip to Charna Island