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The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health is a global organisation for health and safety professionals, based in UK.

What does IOSH stand for? IOSH stands for Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, the Chartered body for health and safety professionals. IOSH is a UK-based organisation offering professional qualifications in order to raise standards of health and safety in the workplace.

What is a Train-the-Trainer Outline?

This train the trainer program outline is designed to help non-training professionals or part-time trainers design and/or deliver a presentation that can be more engaging than a traditional “I speak and you listen” training format. By inserting more engaging learning activities, every presenter has a better chance that their content will be retained, and therefore acted upon.

The following train-the-trainer workshop was developed by working with groups of full-time and part-time trainers

Train-the-Trainer Pre-work

Why?  Having learners begin to think about the session before they come can generate enthusiasm and pique curiosity.  I try to keep any pre-work short and simple.

Learning Style Inventory

I’ve found this Learning Style Inventory to be helpful.  Instead of taking up 10 valuable minutes of the actual train-the-trainer workshop time having learners fill this out, I like to have them fill this out beforehand.  I also am sure to have a few extra copies on the day of the training for those who forget to do this or forget to bring it with them.

Survey with Four Key Questions

How do you know if your learners are “getting it”?  How have you gotten training to “stick”?  What is your learning style?  What are you expecting to take away from this session?

These questions help me to gauge where my learners are coming into the session.  If I can’t email my learners with these questions beforehand, I’ll hang four flipcharts around the room and ask my learners to write their answers to these questions as they enter the room at the beginning of the day.

Train-the-Trainer Workshop

To get through the following will take at least one full day.  If you don’t have a full day to work with your audience, you’ll need to prioritize.  It’s a bad idea to try to fit all of the following content into a 1- or 2-hour session.

Why?  It sets the tone and models the atmosphere you’d like to see your learners create when they begin a training session.  This is an opportunity to make sure your learners know what they’re in for, to announce where the bathrooms are, to briefly de-brief the pre-work and to generally break the ice

This guide will show you the behind-the-scenes design of a train-the-trainer course.

Have you been wondering about:

  • Why create a train-the-trainer program at your organisation?
  • How to design a train-the-trainer course?
  • What are the essential ingredients of a train-the-trainer course?

With this comprehensive post, we’d like to support you on your path to designing a train-the-trainer workshop.

You will find a detailed breakdown of a 7-day, intensive train-the-trainer program including essential theories and concepts, practical tips and activities. And all this with a detailed explanation of why the course is designed as it is.

Part 2: How Training Sticks

Why? It’s very important that train-the-trainer participants understand their role in whether or not training will be transferred onto the job… and that they understand that even the best-designed and best-facilitated training will not guarantee transfer to the job.  I often refer to this short article by Bob Pike in order to frame this conversation.

Total Success have been running successful Train the Trainer courses since 1995. This one-day course is essential if you have just been promoted to a training or coaching role or you wish to refresh your training skills. For further information on practical tools and techniques from our Train The Trainer course, please click on the links below


  • Download the Maverick Workbook that accompanies this course so that you can follow along perfectly with what is being said.
  • Stop the video when Jason says to do each of the many activities that are in this program so that you can get the Maverick experience.
  • Apply each of the Your turns that occur in each of the major section descriptions to your training so that you can see dramatic differences in your training Rule the Room Maverick Style!

Here’s How To Become The Elite Trainer You Were Meant To Be…Maverick…

(The trainer EVERY Trainee Wants To Learn From)

Do you know why most trainers leave the profession?

Because they feel drained and don’t enjoy THEMSELVES.

Trainers that get their class to “fall in love” with them by the end of the first day will experience fewer discipline problems in their classroom.