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Hands On Safety Training will normally comprise 50 to 60 of course duration. It is an effective aid in developing and elevating the skills level of your personnel. Our staff of highly qualified journeyman crane operatorsinstructors will be able to pass on numerous years of experience and knowledge to your operators, riggers and supervisors. Testing mechanisms, although optional for our clients, are used in all of our courses. Students will normally undergo pre post written testing, as well as skills testing for programs that include H.O.S.T. Each participant will be rated and tested. tall machine used for moving heavy objects by suspending them from a projecting arm or beam.,the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.,a ship rigged in a particular way.a square-riggera person who rigs or attends to the rigging of a sailing ship, aircraft, or parachute.This course is intended for construction engineers, supervisors, and owners, who want to learn more about crane safety on construction sites, and how to develop comprehensive crane safety plans that are both safety-program-compliant and project-specific. The goal of this training is to raise awareness of engineers and managements roles, responsibilities, and influence with regard to safety on the construction worksite including crane safety. The ASCECI OSHA-sponsored Crane Safety Training course will prepare engineers and supervisors to utilize their management and technical training to implement safety as a core objective of the construction project. The program will also provide high-level technical background, legal and regulatory explanations and expert guidance to deal effectively with all players on the project owner to subcontractor - relative to crane operations.Each student will receive a manual for the course being taught, along with other hand outs. These manuals contain between 100 and 250 pages depending on the course being taught of quality illustrated crane safety material, which has been time proven in the classroom or for self study. We incorporate load charts and load chart exercises for the cranes you have on your siteCrane Safety Rigger Course Outline 1Roles and Responsibilities of a Rigger. 2Toolbox Meeting. 3Estimating Load and Centre of Gravity. 4Pre-Lift Inspection of Crane and Lifting Gear and Accessories. 5Become familiar with the different types of cranes and hoists 6Selection and Use of Rigging Equipment. 7Rigging Methods and Techniques. 8Cover the procedures for proper inspection and maintenance 9Establish the guidelines for proper equipment testing and load rating capacities 10Outline the proper procedures for crane operators and co-workers 11Outline regulations for load handling and handling equipment 12Identifying the Elements of a crane safety plan 133 Step Lifting and Lowering Method. 14Accident Prevention and Emergency Response. 15Out-door Demonstration and Practice. 16Assessment.