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Read about programs in quality control and safety, which may be a good fit for students interested in business, industry and science. Learn about the courses and programs at four leading universities, and find a table with at-a-glance information about other schools that provide training in quality control and safety. Many schools in the United States offer programs in quality assurance/quality control and safety. Below is a sampling of the variety of programs available at some of the top schools. Certificate programs in quality control or quality assurance are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Most commonly dealing with quality control in industrial manufacturing, some programs are specialized and designed to build on a student's degree. Earning a certificate or degree aids in achieving the professional quality control certification, but work experience is necessary. Required courses depend upon the program's focus, but include technical mathematics, engineering economics, and statistics in quality control. Associate's degree programs in quality assurance teach students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to evaluate the systems that regulate quality. Administrative skills are emphasized in master's degree programs in quality assurance, in addition to leadership, quality regulations, and research methods. Certain schools offer their courses entirely online, so students who are working professionals can still attend school while maintaining their current employment. Some master's programs are available online.

Certificate in Quality Control or Quality Assurance

Certificates in quality control or quality assurance and control are offered at the post-secondary, post-baccalaureate, or post-master's degree level. They instruct students in quality control techniques and methods implemented in the field of industrial manufacturing. Quality control certificates offered in more specialized areas, such as pharmaceutical production, supplement a student's undergraduate or graduate degree. Certificate programs introduce students to concepts and procedures involved with maintaining a consistently high level of quality in manufactured products. Methods for establishing and implementing regulations and guidelines for quality and safety are introduced as well as essential quality tools and when it is appropriate to use them. The program's focus largely determines the course load. Courses are required in industrial engineering technology, manufacturing, architecture, and biological sciences. In some cases, general education courses such as English and math are required. Some courses that make up the certificate curriculum include.

Technical mathematics

Manufacturing processes

Engineering economics

Controlling quality through statistics

Quality control for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical manufacturing practices