Quantity Surveyor Practical Course in Bagh Kotli Rawalakot

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Quantity Surveyor Practical Course in Bagh Kotli Rawalakot,Quantity Surveyor Course in International College ICTE Rawalpindi Pakistan,international college offer quantity surveyor advance practical training course in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,international quantity surveyor course offers traccert canada international awarding body,lowest quantity surveyor course in punjab rawalpindi pakistan,admission open for boys and girls new session start on 10 february 2020 diploma accpetbale worldwide and government job Presented in this course are the fundamentals of quantity surveying, employing methodology from the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, (CIQS) Method of Measurement and Industry Practice. Take off procedures will be demonstrated and applied using examples from wood framed structures, concrete foundations, and simple grading exercises.The objective of the quantity surveying undergraduate degree programme is to provide students with a sound theoretical and practical base to enable them measure, value, cost and specify construction resources, and to become active players in the rational identification, utilization and control of resources within the construction industry.Graduates of this programme are expected to gain employment in both the private and public sector. The major input of the revised programme is to train quantity surveyors with sufficient skills for the public and private sectors: government ministries, local authorities, departments and parastatals, construction firms, and private consultancy firms offering quantity surveying services. The updated and diversified courses will cross‐pollinate existing departments within the Faculty of Technology.The quantity surveyor should be well organised and methodical with a flair for working with figures and computers, and should enjoy working indoors and outdoors.Good human relations as well as the ability to think logically and report on situations in an orderly manner are important, as the quantity surveyor needs to develop a close working relationship with the architect, client, engineer and other members of the professional team.This qualification is intended for persons specialising in the field of quantity surveying, in the construction and property industries and the Quantity Surveying profession. Persons achieving this qualification will be competent to independently perform services relevant to contract procurement, financial and cost management and property development.Quantity Surveyor Course is adding up lot of value addition to the construction industry both by civil engineering professionals and other MEP department professionals. Thats the reason today many are looking for Quantity Surveying Course to learn and grow further. For people who are having site experience and for students who has interest in this Quantity Surveying course will be learning the following concepts related to Quantity Survey Department.Quantity Surveying and the construction industy. An overview of the building design and construction process, the scope of the activities of construction, project management and the responsibilities of the stakeholders and discussion of the work environment in engineering architecture and site construction.This course gives an introduction to the purpose of architectural drawings and the process of communication through presentation and working drawings, types of two dimensional drawings and heir uses. Architectural lettering, relationship between scale and degree of detail, the use of hatching, the layout of architectural drawing sheets, dimensions- are some of the topics also covered in this course. Quantity Surveying professionals deal with working drawings and also architectural presentation drawings. The main aim and objectives of this course is to make students able to interpret the architectural presentation and working drawings in detail.As the Building and construction sector grows, the need for skilled quantity surveyors to meet quality construction works standards is growing.Our National Diploma in Quantity Surveying course gives students a detailed understanding of the building industry and thorough preparation for a future career in surveying.This Diploma is intended to equip students with knowledge and skills in measurements, estimating and costing of building and civil engineering works.Students learn practical skills relevant to current construction management that gives them an advantage in the Job market since they work closely with our Architecture, Interior Design and Building & Construction students.For successful completion of the course, each student must go through industrial attachment in relevant fields. This attachment is supervised and graded by one of our lecturers.

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