Nebosh Course in Sialkot

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Nebosh Course in Sialkot

Molecular str of acompound.

We analysed it

Functional group

Intermolecular force

Compund that we want to analyse we add it to non protonicsolvent (without   H) (CCI is yellowsolution,non protonic)

We use  non protonicas we have to study  H of compound.


 And as CH isenvironment  comprising of two CH groupsso its bond  polarirty also lower.

And similarly CH will have most bond polarity compare toCH,CH etc  all and hence more frequency

But there all are nonpolar and diff b/w their polarity isless

C and B are same group but diff neighbourso they are diffenvironment.

C will be having more polar bonds hence  more frequency more close to  polar OH bond.


4 Rules  to sketch high resolution:

Protons  within identical  environment donot split  their own peats

Splitting can takelace due to proton 

1)    Observationnumber# 1, 8 and 13 are related to Electrical Hazards (e.g. overhead powerlines, unsafe electrical work and unattended power tools):


I observed that controls required tominimize the electrical hazards were insufficient and short comings were foundin many activities like while doingcrane operation power lines were passing above the crane and lifting was takingplace without maintaining safe distance from power lines, electrician was doingwork on open door electrical distribution panel (DP) at site for replacing thecircuit breakers in DP and Itwas seen that many power tools were placed unattended with power connectionsand workers were working nearby unknowingly about electrical hazard. These electrical hazards can cause electricshock, burns, ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest, secondary hazards suchas drop of person leading to broken bones.


Electrical hazards must be properlycontrolled by properinsulating the high voltage wires and applying isolation/LOTO before work and conductingtrainings for operator, riggers and other crew members, developing and imparting lifting operation plan(LOP) for all lifting operations (Normal /Critical) and by introducing cable management plan at site andundergrounding the low overhead lines, ensuring thatall electrical connections must have earthing / earth-leakage circuit breakers(ELCB) and providing information, instructions and trainings to safely executework of electrical panels and by developing SOPand system of strict monitoring and supervision for electrical maintenance work, switching off the power supply while leavingthe power tool idle for longer durations and trainings & supervision mustbe provided related to safety of hand tools and also by develop and implement system of strict monitoring of electrical workand usage of hand tools.


Installation of ELCB, insulation of highvoltage wires and undergrounding of wires, provision of trainings and PPE,development of cable management system and implementation of SOP’s andinspection procedures will cost around 450,000 PKR.




§  Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1910Subpart S

§  Pakistan The Factories Act, 1934 (section-25,part-8)

§  Punjab Factories rules 1978 (article 49,part-3)

§  Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act 9and 10)


“Employer must take care of workers and shouldtake preventive measures to protect them from electrical hazards in workplace”