Nebosh Course in Islamabad

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Nebosh Course in Islamabad


1)    Observationnumber# 14, 15 and 20 are related to Confined Space and Bad WorkplaceEnvironment Hazards (e.g. exposure of cement, less outdoor lights and workinside the water tank):


During visit I found that Inadequatecontrols were present to highlight or mitigate the workplace environmenthazards. Some bad practices related to poor workplace environment are e.g. workers were working in cementexposure areas like concrete pouring work and near batch mixing plant withoutusing required PPE like long boots, safety goggles, dust masks and glove, veryless outdoor lights were observed at site which will create difficulty duringnight shift work. Poor lighting can cause slip, trip and fall and it was seenthat two workers were working in a water storage tank without any local exhaustventilation system and they were doing their job without hole watcher. All these things collectively can lead toresults into serious ill health cases, medical cost and civil claims.


Suitable controls to minimize these hazardswould be like provide requiredPPE e.g. long boots, gloves, dust masks and goggles and give instructions,trainings and supervision related to safety of concrete pouring and mixingprocesses and importance of PPE during work, develop and implement safeoperating procedures of concrete pouring and mixing works and control the workwith continuous monitoring, introduce systemof continuous health monitoring of workers, provide correctPPE; hi-viz safety jackets in the night work, install ambient outdoor lightsand spot lights to achieve LUX level and flickering lamps shall be arranged atall work locations, make assessments and conduct inspections to ensure adequatelighting in the access/egress and also in the work area, develop system ofregular inspections and maintenance of artificial lighting and replace thedamage ones time to time, appoint certified hole watcher andtank should be empty, isolated and locked off, provide LEV and ensure continuous monitoring ofatmosphere, carrying out pre-entry checks and then selecting and provideappropriate retrieval equipment and trained theconfined space workers and develop SOP for confined space entry.


Preventive measures such as provision ofPPE and required safety trainings, installation of adequate lights, enclosureof batching plant, implementation of inspection regimes and provision of healthsurveillance, trainings and PPE to workers require 475,000 PKR approximately.





§  Occupational safety and health Act 2006 (Act-9Part-XII)

§  The Factories Act Pakistan 1934

§  ILO (C148-Working Environment convention, 1977,Article 8)

§  Occupational health and safety convention 1977(C148)

§  Occupational health and safety convention, 1985(C161)


“In a workplace clean and healthy environmentshould be given to workers. At least minimum standard workplace environmentmust be provided. Non-compliance of set standard may lead to Enforcementaction”.