Shorthand Advance Course in Rawalpindi Peshawar Bannu

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Shorthand Advance Course in Rawalpindi Peshawar Bannu,Shorthand Advance Course in Rawalpindi Sialkot Pakistan,international college of technical education in rawalpindi shamsabad pakistan,best shorthand pitman training course in rawalpindi islamabad pakistan,admission open for boys and girls Office # 27,  Second Floor, Maryam Shadi Hall Plaza (Airies Plaza), Shamsabad, Murree Road,Rawalpindi, Pakistan 0311-5193625, 0092-335-4176949,Pitman Shorthand is the art of representing spoken sounds by written signs.  A way of representing every sound heard in English words.  It is phonetic, using very simple strokes of the pen with sounds written down and not the letters. Vowel sounds are optional and are written with small dots and dashes next to the main strokes.  In the majority of cases, consonants alone can identify an English word. It is a means of rapid writing.To develop the note taking speed of students through the mastery of a set of shorthand outlines to represent the 24 consonants and 12 vowels.  The theory would be presented in clear and easy stages and give adequate practice within a  working  vocabulary.The learners have to understand every shorthand rule in each unit thoroughly and to follow the suggested practice plan. In shorthand, writing or dictating by sound, i.e., to write words as they are pronounced; that each simple character represents one definite sound and no other and that the ordinary spelling — with its many irregularities and inconsistencies — as exhibited in printing and in long-hand writing, is not to be followed or imitated.  Thus, the end result will be a more accurate interpretation of any conversation, presentation, announcement, etc.Pitman shorthand uses straight strokes and quarter-circle strokes, in various orientations, to represent consonant sounds. The predominant way of indicating vowels is to use light or heavy dots, dashes, or other special marks drawn close to the consonant. Vowels are drawn before the stroke (or over a horizontal stroke) if the vowel is pronounced before the consonant, and after the stroke (or under a horizontal stroke) if pronounced after the consonant. Each vowel, whether indicated by a dot for a short vowel or by a dash for a longer, more drawn-out vowel, has its own position relative to its adjacent stroke (beginning, middle, or end) to indicate different vowel sounds in an unambiguous system. However, to increase writing speed, rules of "vowel indication" exist whereby the consonant stroke is raised, kept on the line, or lowered to match whether the first vowel of the word is written at the beginning, middle, or end of a consonant stroke—without actually writing the vowel.It is an art which is used to write words in short forms using strokes and curves. There are many systems prevailing in the world. However Pitman system is considered the simplest and pioneer of all systems. In shorthand, the words are written based on the spoken sound of the particular word. So the listening to the sound of the words is important than the letters of a word to write the words fast.Once you are familiar with the principles to some extent, on completion of initial twenty five lessons, you would come to know how the principles are helping to get accurate and legible outline for each word.From the early stage of education English writing becomes part of the day to day routine of every student. After completion of  school studies, necessity of writing English develops to higher level  which makes the student heavily strained and weakens his/physic as well mind.Shorthand learning and writing words through shorthand makes easy and simple besides it reduces the entire strain of writing. Further it helps the user to keep the words confidential to him /her. In addition she becomes the master of an art which is beautiful, useful and most confidential to the writer.The strokes are called consonants. Each consonant has its own value in writing  words. There are no vowels in pitman system as in the language. However, there are vowel sounds which are expressed  by way of light and heavy dashes and dots according the sound. These dots and dashes are called vowel signs which are important to read the word in that outline.The Shorthand Course is being offered with three-month duration for Intermediate (2nd Division) passed candidates. Shorthand is a subject which plays a predominant role in the various Government and Semi-Government departments, parliamentary houses, Courts and in different public & private organizations, and even in the newspaper industry. This short-term course has been introduced to educate the subject of shorthand (phonography) developed by Sir Isaac Pitman,  to the unemployed educated youth of the locality who can get jobs of Steno Typist, Stenographer, and Reporter after completion of the course.