New Nebosh Course in Attock

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New Nebosh Course in Attock


Section 1:


Documents,notes,Visualaids and equipment:


The syllabus and notes which arecovered are provided to the delegates. With addition to syllabus  and notes shorts movie clips of 5 to 10 minutes are stored in laptop whichwere displayed on projector according to their relevant topic on the set timeperiod of training session  of health andsafety to the delegates and try out the presentation to made sure everythingwas working properly.


Consideration inrelation to the learning needs of the intended audience:


Kept in mind the delegates age ,genderand job background and relevant experience and their purpose of taking thetraining of health and safety design the order of training session so that alldelegates can easily understand and take benefits from this training session ofhealth and safety in future when they performed in their fields.


Action taken tomeet the identified learning needs of the intended audience:

Objective of training specifiedand made the outline of covered topic  sothat not a single topic missed from the training and asked the delegatesopinion and current knowledge about  thetraining session topic so that start the training session from the root levelto cleared the concept of training of health and safety.



Section 2:


Welcome andsetting learner expectations:

Welcome the delegates and gaveintroduction of my self and the training session which we covered during thetraining.After that take the introduction of delegates name,job title andindustry from which they were belonged and asked their perception about thetraining session.



Delivery Stylesand techniques used to engage the audience:

In the start of training sessionlecture style used to deliver the lecture about the training session of healthand safety  after that discussion styleused to engage the audience by discussing the health and safety issued with theaudience by asking their opinion about the discussing matter.

Communicationskills and responding to questions:

Presentation skill used topresent the training session in front of audience by presented different topicson powerpoints and short video clips on the projector in the end of trainingsession question and answering held so that concept of audience cleared aboutthe topic if someone asked the question take the opinion of others audiencefirst after that answered them.


Section 3:Reflective practice

In this column,please state two areas that you consider went well in your training session. In this column,please state why you think these areas went well.
Time Management: During the training session time management was good due to proper outline of topics.Each topic covered in a set time period according the scheduled set and completed the training session according the deadlines of time.
Class Layout The class layout was set in horseshoe (U-shaped) due to which all delegates interacted with each others and discuss the topic and clear their concepts by discussion with my self and each other.
In this column,please state two areas that you consider could be improved in your training session. In this column,please state how you think these areas could be improved.
Individual Efforts: Overall training session was good but individual efforts of delegates could be improved by giving them different task individual to polish their individual skills so that they perform well in their field after getting the training of health and safety.
Question and answering Session:   Question and answering session should be increased so that perception of delegates cleared and they take advantages of training session.