New Nebosh Course in Mardan

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New Nebosh Course in Mardan


The Kal OilField (OGDCL) is one of the leading oil refinery company in Pakistan. Thecompany is related to refining of crude oil and supplying of refined petroleumproducts. Backed by a rich experience of more than 90 years of successfuloperations, ARL‟s plants have been gradually upgraded / replaced withstate-of-the-art hardware to remain competitive and meet new challenges andrequirements.

The scope ofmy inspection was to identify any potential hazards to check the effectivenessof existing control measures at Rig and recommended any further control measureto ensure that residual risk is as low as possible. All the findings which Irecorded are attached to the observation sheets.

Hazards & Consequences:

1. Leakage of crude oil:

Near the crudesweetening unit crude oil was leaking from inlet valve and some workers weresitting there. Atmospheric temperature was very high and there is high riskthat this crude oil can catch fire resulting in fire explosion because of fewerflash points of low boiling point hydrocarbons.


This arisingserious hazard can initiate fire resulting in serious fire burns, injuries andfatalities.

Control Measures:

·        Inform production manager and barricade thespillage area.

·        Put absorbent mats and spill trays under theleakage.

·        Purify the crude oil spillage by absorbent mats.

·        By applying LOTO maintenance of valve should bedone.

·        Create a system of routine inspection of jointsand valves.

·        Apply NDT testing to find the durability andlife of valves.

2. Poor Lightning:

It was noticedthat light was not sufficient in internee training hall in which workers wereworking and which could have impact their wellbeing and their work as well.


This poorlighting can lead to eyes weight; cerebral agony and can cause sway with theseats.

Control Measures:

·        Notify the boss.

·        Fit reasonable lights accomplishing LUX level(500 LUX).

·        Apply an occasional lighting review framework(LUX).





3. Poor Lifting Operations:

Heavy load waslifting by using mobile crane without barricading the area, without utilizingoutriggers, not following load angle chart and hook of crane was not fully tiedwith load and workers were passing under the suspended load.


 High risk of fall of load resulting inmaterial loss, serious injuries like wounds broken bones, crushing of bodyparts and even death of worker.

Control Measures:

·        Arrange rigging supervisor for safe liftingoperation.

·        Cordon off the area and display liftingoperation in progress sign.

·        Make sure that outriggers are fully opened.

·        Implement the safe lifting plan.

·        Provide training to workers for safe liftingoperation.

·        Develop and implement lifting operational plan(LOP) for (Normal/Critical) lifting operations.

·        Develop and Implement system of strictmonitoring and supervision of crane lifting operation.

 4.Poor Gas Detection System:

It wasobserved that gas detection and alarm system were not installed near the wellas feed line contain H2S and other highly flammable hydrocarbons andthe workers were performing their task nearby.


If gas leaksfrom the well pipe and not detected timely, it may cause fatalities, fire andexplosion that results in injuries, deaths and plant deterioration.

Control Measures:

·        Inform the supervisor, restrict worker entry andprovide safety signs.

·        Provide personal gas monitors and respirators toworkers working near gas sweetening unit.

·        Install multi-gas detector and alarm system.

·        Develop system of routine check and maintenanceof gas detection and alarm system.

5. Damaged Boards/Sockets:

The greatmajority of the electrical   attachmentsand sheets were harmed in the watchman rooms. They were utilizing openassociation with interface their steers and portable chargers.


 Damaged loads up and open associations maylead to electrical stun which may prompt ventricular fibrillation and loss ofcognizance and might be demise at some point.

Control Measures:

·        Unsafe practices must be stopped.

·        Create inspection document to check workingcondition of all the sockets/boards in the area.

·        Exchange the damaged boards/sockets with correctrating (only CE rating) ones.

·        Provision of information and training to staffon electrical hazards.

6. Work without PPE:

AppropriatePPE were not worn by the workforce except helmet. Working without proper andadequate PPE can lead to severe hazard to worker.


Workingwithout safety goggles can lead to damage of eye, working without mask can leadto lungs problem or working at height without safety harness can cause seriousinjuries or fatalities etc.

Control Measures:

·        Give and make sure availability of PPE to allthe workers.

·        Make surveys to check the implementation &enforcement of PPE at site according to safety rules.

·        Arrange proper in-house training for the usageof PPE‛s & its importance.

·        Impart system of continuous monitoring andenforcing the use of necessary PPE at site.

7) Uncovered Garbage Bins:     

Observation& Hazard:  Bad smell/odor  was noticed  during  the inspection of plant site because waste ofsite and mess were dropped   intouncovered garbage bins.    

Consequences: As mostly workers wereworking around              without   taking respiration protection so strong odormay cause nose and throat or  lung  irritation that  leads  to

coughing,wheezing or other breathing problems.           

Control Measures:

·        Provide suitable respirators, apply indoorspraying and remove all the scattered waste material from site

·        Place top covered garbage bins at suitable areasto waste collection

·        Assign duties and arrange garbage trucks toremove daily scrape and garbage

·        Develop and implement regime of maintain wastemanagement at site.

8) Hazardous Chemicals:                                                                                             

Observation & Hazard:

Dealing withdifferent types of hazardous chemicals like Sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach)or (trichloroethylene) for cleaning the oily surface  of pipeline without  using requiredPPE’s.                        


Unsuitable useof hazardous chemicals can lead to serious health hazards through inhalation ofvapors or direct contact with skin and can cause severe health issues likenasal cavity irritation, and respiratory problems.