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We are proud to introduce our certified product ICEBALL, a revolutionary technology to extinguish fire automatically.

A Fire Protection is more than just a slogan for ICEBALL, its passion is to protect and safeguard your precious lives, valuable property and assets from fire.

It is the only patent device that allows any user to control a fire ensuring protection for 24/7,365 days a year for 5 years without any periodic maintenance

Extremely Important Features

  •   ICEBALL extinguishes the fire automatically without human assistance within 3 to 5 seconds
  •   Standby 24 hours 365 days for 5 years
  •   The efficiency of 1 ICEBALL can cover the fire volume of 3 cubic radius
  •   No special training is required to operate the ICEBALL
  •   No maintenance is required for the life span of 5 years  
  •   Environment friendly non moisture absorption, non toxic
  •   Extinguishes 5 classifications of fire
  •   Ideal for any type of suppression scenario
  •   Loud warning sound when activated by a flame
  •  No need to face the dangers of the fire
  • Light weight 1.3 kg